February at Big Sky Herbs

American Heart Month

Researchers have found a sound correlation between our emotional heart and our physical heart, see a short study here:

https://bigskyherbs.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/get-a-happy-heart-with-herbs/. .

Let’s learn how to take care of our heart with our thoughts and actions and see how to incorporate heart healthy herbs into some meals and snacks. It’s time to plant some seeds for our hearts and bodies here at Big Sky Herbs too. Featuring weekly recipes and teas at the Missoula Valley Winter Market. We’ll be there each weekend except Feb 24 when we’ll be presenting at the Missoula Seed swap.


You can see  everything at the Winter markets, on our Square site or when you come out to see us.

Spread the Herb and grow with us, Lori Elliott

PS: We post pretty much every week on our News and Events page, Facebook, or Instagram and Google! since we’re always doing something  you might want to see about…

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