May at Big Sky Herbs

Growing into Summer!

The warmth of spring is waking up here in Montana, So, this is happening…All the perennials are coming up in the garden and we’re getting the garden optimized for best herb growing, the starts are getting re-potted to the greenhouse. Timing is escalating this year, since a lot of the herb biz was on hold for April while we were finishing the remodel of our house. We’ll be starting our Sunday Learning Sessions on Sunday May 5, the day after our first Clarkfork River Market! If you love learning and working with herbs join me. Learn more on the volunteering page !

Spread the Herb and grow with us,

Lori Elliott

PS: We post pretty much every week on our News and Events page, Facebook, or Instagram and Google! since we’re always doing something  you might want to see about…

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