U-Pick Garden

We’ll start scheduling U picks starting after the 4th of July.

You can’t get any fresher than from the plant…

The u pick garden is set up so you can get the maximum beneficial experience and herbs for your needs. The U Pick sessions are also meant for you to try a variety of herbs (not just a bag of one kind). The 16 rows are according to the 12 categories of traditionally medicinal teas we grow, the 6 main types of culinary blend herbs available, 2 rows of aromatic and everlasting herbs, an area of topical and bush or vine herbs and finally, a spicy salad garden.

About This Garden

This is a completely organically sustainable working garden of annual, biennial and perennial herbs. You will see it is custom tailored to accommodate the different needs of each plant with soil types, sun/shade exposure while keeping some organization according to use. There are also some fallow beds as well as some experimental areas where we are trying new innovative ideas to help our plants and lengthen the season without the use of a commercial greenhouse so these herbs can enjoy our Montana environment. $8-gal.bag! Bring your shears and gloves.

Additional reservations available are Tues and Wed 9-11 am.

Group discounts! Bring 10 people out for a short tour and picking time at $60 (for first 10 bags of herbs per group)

Have fun! Get free herbs! Weed some beds for an hour and receive a free u-pick bag of herbs during any U Pick day.

Free tours!
On the hour-10-4 pm

Bring your shears, if you have them (we have extras if you need them) Tea will be served! When you park up front and walk to one of the tables in front of the garden, you’ll be greeted with a smiling face and given a printout with a plant key, “Fresh Herb Ideas” and illustrations on where to cut different herb plants to harvest. You’ll pay for your first bag of herbs (or “run a tab” if you think you’ll want more…such good prices, probably!) by card, check or cash. You’ll receive a gallon size zip lock bag for your herbs. There are buckets available if you prefer for gathering. At the entrance to the main garden, you can take your printout and get a small cup of herbal tea to sit at the chairs provided and peruse your printout to “plan your strategy”. From your chair you get a panoramic view of the layout of the gardens and outlying areas to coincide with your plant key. Want to do a little research ahead of time? Download this plant key to look through and get ideas–July is the beginning of the growing season this plant key for the end of July and should be good through Sept.

As you stroll through the rows…set up in categories, you can use your plant key so you can identify the herbs you’d like to clip.

  • Rows 1-12 A. Wellness Tea Herbs
  • Rows 1-12 B. Culinary Blend Herbswhen you park
  • Rows 13 & 14 Aromatics & Everlastings
  • Row 15 Topical, bushes and vines
  • Rows 16-18 Spicy Salad Garden!

Sniffing is allowed!

We’re close by to answer questions as you go too. As you snip bunches, you can bring them back up to the front tables where there is landscaping ribbon and markers to tag your herbs (so you don’t get home and forget what you got!). You can also visit the crafting room after you take your fill of the spicy salad garden. Everything there is from last season’s harvest, nothing over ten months new…freshly dried and innovative crafting!

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