About Us

Fresh sustainable herbs are the best
This is what we do.

Formally Urban Herbs, these culinary and wellness tea herbs were grown in our home garden with care and learning. We grow plants from Northwest certified sources suited to our climate. Dried herbs are stored whole immediately to give the richest aroma, flavor and potency. Our products can be seen at local fairs, festivals, markets and online. We love to continue to learn and share our knowledge. Our vision is to make herbs a part of all everyday quality lifestyles…and fun to use! It’s in the part-time stage now…grow with us and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Our Story

Loving to learn new things and “doing it right” has brought me to some great techniques and associations. At MSGU “Home Grown” I learned the newest research on sustainable growing that goes beyond organic to responsible community based agriculture. You’ll see us at the Clark Fork Market and the Missoula Valley Winter Market along with many other Home Grown growers year round in Missoula, MT.

Other affiliations include: NSAC-National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, AEO-Alternative Energy Resources Organization, Montana Native Plant Society. 

Learning that uncrushed herbs keep their potency and shelf life longer, we developed “Herb Pinching for the Kitchen”and herb tributes in pots and wreathes. Then, hand crushed herbs become gourmet culinary blends, wellness tea blends, wellness teas “In the Raw” bags, sets and “Rescue boxes”. We package most of our Wellness teas separately so you can see which herb works best for particular needs. Our display collection is usually at many Missoula area “cold” weather art, craft and gift shows, at the home Crafting Room and online.

The History of the Herbs Obsession

 I’m doing it! Who would have thought that growing some companion plants for my veggie garden about 20 years ago in Spokane, WA would turn into a half-acre (so far) herb garden in Missoula, Mt! Back in Spokane, I was directed to get some info from the State AG Association to answer some questions on growing healthy plants organically in the shorter growing season of the Inland Northwest. Some of the plants listed were traditionally medicinal herbs.

I was intrigued when I got some books on herbs that include the folklore, research and history of herbology. I thought,”I’m going to grow some things that help my family health issues.” One of the listed sources in my first book was The Herb Farm in Carnation, WA, so I started buying their organic herb starts and seeds and making my own little garden.  By the time we moved to Missoula, my husband thought I was nuts to move 135 buckets of perennial herbs with me. Everything from nerve tonics to respiratory help species. We didn’t need all those herbs for our personal use, but by then I was thrilled with making dried herb teas and crafts and selling at local craft fairs helping people. I even got some info from a niece of a Medicine man of a local tribe that got me thinking and learning more. I really believe that God put plants in each area of the earth to benefit the inhabitants in that locale. Now, I’ve added as many local species to my garden as I can. This is happening during my “spare” time since I work full-time. I am not a herbalist, but a herb enthusiast just learning and growing as I go. Some day, when I get to retire from my profession, I want to have a full acre U-Pick Herb Park where people can come to pick fresh herbs in a beautiful setting and learn how to incorporate both culinary and traditionally medicinal herbs into a quality lifestyle during our growing season as well as dried herbs out of season. Each year, I take another baby step in my dream as time and materials allow.  I have u-pick appointments July through September  and more…

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